Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lost, episode 6-7, "Dr. Linus" -- Theme Song, etc.

If you're reading this, you most likely know that I put theme song links in all of my recaps. Why? Well, because I am protesting the current state of the television theme song. I mean, if we're lucky, today, we get a few BA BA PA PAs, ala HIMYM for a theme song. And boo hiss, I say. So, over time, I've started adding Theme Song! links to my recaps for Lost, How I Met Your Mother, and The Vampire Diaries.

The TWoP front page headline for Lost, episode 6-7, "Dr. Linus" will be "Ben, You're Always Running Here And There," which is, of course, a line from Michael Jackson's song, "Ben." If/when I use lyrics for my headline and episode blurb, they don't always match up to the theme song, but this week, it feels appropriate, so here's your theme song:

I almost didn't use this video as my theme song link, because in season 5, episode 5-10, "He's Our You," Sayid shot wee Ben Linus, so I gave that episode the headline, "Ben, The Two Of Us Need Look No More," which is the first line from the aforementioned Jackson song. The episode blurb was a filk of that song, as well, so I was assuming I'd already used "Ben," as the theme song for that episode.

But then... I did this wonderful thing. I checked! And it turns out, I didn't use "Ben" for that episode, at all. I was free to use it now. Go research; it's your birthday! It turns out that for "He's Our You," I used "Born Bad," as you can see, here:

A few weeks ago, I discovered that some of the videos I've used for my recap theme songs have since been removed or have been marked private on YouTube. So, from now on, I'm going to embed them there, with a note on the song title and artist, so that if/when they disappear from YouTube, I'll still have a record of which song I've used with which show/episode. Plus, you don't have to read all the batshit insane comments at YouTube.

We all win!

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